Forum post promotion example


a lot, see a lot of master to show off their day to get *****IP, see all the envy, look at the map access statistics a day and then look at the master, only dozens of IP to display their own shame, really threw the dead.

I firmly believe that the Internet this thing can be particularly strong copy, after the study, found the following experience, and attach a case.

forum, Post Bar flow of large, there are dozens, so many master are focused on the inside of the promotion, these places became a a hotly contested spot, master their wits, is also a good place for us to study their rookie.


forum and Post Bar, has a characteristic, that is your post, only to get a reply, it can obtain high display opportunities, or can only give you the top through a variety of ways to find the moderator.

When a lot of

, their material is very good, but the return card is very few, why? The same material, I click volume compared with master dozens of times, how is it?

The study found that

, originally is my "goal" is not good. It is touch they touched their replies, click the mouse strength is not enough. Look at the case below, everything is clear, the

post is written by me. With 50 thousand hits. 3 days.

Title: "the female driver was raped (please read 1 minutes of silence) and one for"

this post by users upload. If you still have a conscience.


driver has been raped (please read 1 minutes of silence)

Phoenix Palace 12:00 considering the three of us are walking together in the program tells a true story:

in a certain place in the country, there is a woman driving a bus carrying passengers on the highway in the circle line. On the bus three gunmen was eyeing the pretty woman driver, forced the bus stop, the driver will take bus to "play", the driver all the passengers were desperate for help.

is only a weak middle-aged man went up, but before. The man got really angry, vigorously shouting to everyone on the bus to stop the assault, but nobody responded, allowing the woman driver to be dragged into the bushes in the mountain. Half an hour later, the three bandits returned with the woman driver, whose clothes were disheveled. The bus was going to start again. The woman driver told the scrawny man, who had been hurt and was bleeding, to get off the bus. The man refused, and became argumentative.

"Hey, you get off, my car does not pull you!" middle-aged man anxious, said: "you this man how unreasonable, I want to save you still wrong?"

"you save me? What did you save me?" the driver denied, a few of the passengers. The middle-aged man was extremely angry, hate himself for not having the force! Save save, but this was not the death from the result of get off ah, he firmly refused. "And I bought the ticket, I have the right."

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