QQ friends viral marketing innovative marketing

      together with friends to do a real estate information search site, has begun to promote the. Originally used the traditional industry marketing means, suddenly want to do the Internet promotion, helpless. A little girl said to me, we can publish information in QQ ah, so that friends to help promote the next. Oh, boy, a wool opening plug. Can try. So the other three friends around the launch of the official QQ friends promotion.
      the effect is surprisingly good! Basically, we get the following promotion:

      1, ask friends to help click on a site, the purpose is to let friends know our website, and then to the surrounding people.

      2, friends of the character signature to find room to rivers, more personal housing information. Of course, this is more difficult, unless a good friend, is willing to modify the signature. Can have 10 friends changes, it shows your popularity is not bad. Of course, this effect is better.

      3, ask a friend in her / him to join the group of hair advertising, this does not know the actual implementation, a good friend will help you hair, can have such a good friend, even if the 20.

      4, asking friends in personality space to write about all aspects of the article, the top, must contain all. This is more difficult to do, there are 2 such a friend is very good.

      5, he wrote a promotional article, let friends go to school BBS, or other forum hair, generally a little better friend would not refuse, oh, anyway, a more piece of propaganda.

      6, so that his friends launched her / his friends also help to promote the effect of this way is uncontrollable. Of course, try to do this.

    in short, one day down, 2 people can bring about 150 visits, the effect is not bad. This promotion is no cost, make full use of the resources around you to promote your site, you will have a harvest outside.

      QQ friend promotion, cheap, speed block, good effect. A gang of three men, friends QQ is our circle of friends, to manage your QQ, ask your friends to establish a good reputation for you. Let your friends help you succeed!

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