New discovery of Google site navigation

As is known to all, Google’s Web site navigation is not accepted by

. This problem can be found in the Google site navigation help answer:

3 Google site navigation is how the contents of the


Google site navigation site listed are generated according to the ranking system Google internal users often visit the site, we according to the website of reasonable classification, to facilitate users to retrieve.

can be seen, its Web site navigation automatically generated by the search, not artificially added. If you really want to submit their own web site, it is impossible!

5 can I recommend my favorite website

?We do not recommend

currently open user or application of the site to Google site navigation; however, if you have any feedback on the Google site navigation, please pass below the "contact us" link told us.

doors are not, you can only give people talk about, this navigation is not rich enough color or too little what!

here, you may find me a pile of crap, yeah! I am going to focus on in the back, and listen to.

we do not always want to join his navigation inside, in a different direction, can get from the navigation where a link, or increase the point of PR and the like.

we first enter the site navigation, and then there is a discussion group, click on the. The point of

first sight is that there are only fewer sites, mostly applications included. (of course, people will not receive Google) but we certainly do not want to include it. Second eyes to see, Google laboratory site navigation, this page PR is 4, this is what the navigation: regardless of income or do not accept you, just this one page PR is 4, and can leave a very good chain, decided to leave footprints here! The total is much better than in other parts of the

first of all, you have to have a Google account, webmaster friends should have it! And then in the discussion can send a link post. Web column inside you can enjoy the play, take a suitable for the SEO of the chain name, and then come up with a keyword and related articles.

(very good results) please see the screenshot in Yahoo a few days ago my station Of course, one might also come to upload files.


now not many people go, go to !

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