From the QQ space to step down the program Lenovo website content is the key to follow the trend can

I send text in for the first time, but every day on the, this is a very good site, the webmaster for many articles figure wangdage I have seen, benefit, I hope we see more


the purpose of this article is very simple, that is to tell you a little bit of my experience, many people may say that I eat it, it does not matter, since it is not afraid to publish this person laugh ha!

from the QQ space step on each other, Lenovo is the key to the content of the site, blindly follow the trend can only fail!

forget what time, online there is a QQ space each step on the ASP source code, but a lot of people download Oh (now there are many people in their attempts to establish each step), probably because many owners see the QQ space of a huge user base, want to share it. Is my original idea. Of course, I was no exception, but also to engage in a set of procedures, to stand on your own website (, now has 2000 people registered, because they spend time doing landscaping). Now found that a lot of energy wasted, in fact, nothing.

specifically: remember two years ago, the emergence of a lattice process is coming from abroad, grid program benefits, increase the chain, and increase the flow of benefits a lot! QQ space each step on the program is actually derived from the grid program, but not the essence of lattice subroutine.

1.QQ space step on each other to increase the chain is the QQ space links, no effect on the SEO;

2 a lot of QQ space users will not do links, even if the registration did not go according to the requirements of friendship;

3 because most of the space QQ space access is very small, even if the link is also

In each step the program on

will not have a lot of antecedents to improve the ranking obtained each step effect;

4 QQ space to do each step must be the premise of your site has a high flow, or you have a lot of money to invest in advertising, or not

will bring them to enhance the popularity of space, the next time they may be able to remove the space when the link;

5 on your site to click on the people who often open QQ, there are QQ space features can play a role in each step.

so I do QQ space step on each site, every day by stepping on each other only more than and 30 people, Baidu did not play a role in the initial investment of hundreds of pieces to ensure that the site has about 2000 of the IP or did not succeed. Hey ~ ~ their own personal experience would like to have a little effect on everyone, I feel a little bit, if you feel ridiculous naive, although it is said, I would also like to listen to everyone’s ideas.

added: I found that there are a lot of people in the QQ space to sell each step of the procedure, there are people who sell the program to sell a lot of landscaping. Maybe a lot of people buy it

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