False pain true pain in the end what is the user pain points

first look at the "pain points" of the general misunderstanding. Many people subconsciously believe that the pain point is the point of pain". That is, the better the pain, the better the pain. Is that really true? Let’s take a look at the slogan of "family planning" and "drunk driving" with Chinese characteristics:



More than

on the "family planning" and "drunk driving" pain points are:

family planning: if you boys, your son will not marry wife


drunk driving: you drunk driving? Life is gone!

is the pain of these two slogans hard enough, but why are there so many people who turn a blind eye to these two slogans, because for them, this can not be called a real point of pain". Make a vivid metaphor, if these "pain points" is a virus, they are immune to these viruses.

why are they pain points?.

"boys and girls are the same, otherwise the son does not object" – stressed that a "altruistic behavior". If I do not give birth to a daughter, he also does not have a daughter, everybody does not have a daughter, so, where does the son go to look for a wife in the future, but, why can’t I get married for the sake of others’ wife, I want to have a daughter?

"love life, refusing to drive" – the most serious consequences of drunk driving: death. But one can only die once in a lifetime. In the face of life will only appear once, though luck will prevail.

so, in the end what is the user pain points what kind of point in order to allow users to get up?


pain points to let me have a high sense of frequency

pain points should have a high frequency of perception, that is, can often be felt in daily life. So, rather than looking for the most painful point, it is better to consider the "pain points" and people live in the sticky situation. It is important to think carefully about whether the "pain point" can be evoked by a user’s situation every day, and a key factor in determining whether or not a pain spot is effective is that it is activated.

for example. A TVC I love, every time will cry: Wyeth launched the "praise brave mommy" TVC. This TVC is to promote Wyeth’s maternal milk powder.

generally speaking, we will be reasonable to think that, for pregnant women, the most profound pain is the moment of birth, said the birth of the child is the world’s most painful pain. We praise the mother, often from the point of view of "the pain of childbirth" starting with mother sweating, facial distortion, hoarse screen rendering this pain point. But is it really possible to poke the pain points of the mother in the middle? After all, there is only one child

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