nventory in 2014 the hottest marketing methods and successful marketing case

2014 is a big outbreak of the era, when the rapid spread of the Internet to take the mobile this car, Internet marketing has entered another era. 88 tiger fortune network marketing case for everyone to take stock of the success of 2014, inventory is not sufficient, but gathered several typical ways of marketing, through the integration of successful marketing case, we can see that the network marketing is in a slow penetration state showing a trend of convergence, namely, network marketing is becoming more and more mixed marketing.

viral marketing: ice bucket challenge

this summer, micro-blog and WeChat all social circles spread the hottest events – "ice bucket challenge" is an extremely rare disease in order to raise money, after a number of stars, technology circle chiefs who participate in the event, attention is soaring again until the global spread, become the world’s hot events spread.

ice bucket challenge inherited the viral marketing "user participation, interactive" and "interesting" and "simple implementation", but also fit with the social marketing model.

social marketing: WeChat red envelopes and surrounded by nervous cat

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, social marketing successfully by air to fly on the waves. In 2013, WeChat launched the red envelope function, success by new year’s "red envelopes" custom IT swept the Internet people in the world, WeChat red through innovation "for the successful use of color" obsession circle changed the way people the Spring Festival Red envelopes.

a nervous cat surrounded by WeChat, the same circle quickly hot light game, simple and "idiotic" game, don’t need Raiders do not need skills, click on the screen, surrounded by nervous cat can. Whether surrounded by the original cat is based on the original version of the game or other improvements, surrounded by nervous cat caught the hand of the user’s needs, but also successfully used the popular social circle WeChat.

negative marketing: Michelle Chen version of "Wang Sicong", The legend of Condor Hero wars "one step away"

The end of

, the popular circle of friends, social networking platform is "black Michelle Chen", a successful xiaolongbao version of the fairy sister into a thin Liu Yifei version of "Helen of Troy" name, in any case, "Liu Yifei" is really beautiful fairy characters, and Michelle Chen kiss, a "bun" shape, successfully occupied the runaway comic status again swept the social circle.

At the end of

blockbuster "one step" to the audience, most of the evaluation is "cannot read," you will all tall tall, but how to let the audience yunliwuli give you praise? "One step away" was released, all set off one of the most powerful war of words, is "up to son:" I haven’t seen Wang Sicong version of "one step" of children’s shoes, congratulations… Survived the robbery." The success of "one step in the teeth of the storm." once again lead "cursed".

but there are people who love to watch "how bad works", "God like" version of the The legend of Condor Hero by >

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