The traditional education transformation of the nternet encounter stumbling block where is the way

before the first online education platform 51Talk landed on the New York stock exchange, then O2O giant U.S. group launched a comment and education brand Museum, internet education has been promoted in the teeth of the storm. Prior to this, whether it is traditional education and training institutions such as New Oriental, learning and thinking, or internet giants such as Baidu, Ali, millet and other Tencent, have reached the Internet education.

traditional education transition into the Internet education, one is thinking of using the Internet resources to the chain line moved in to the online education platform, online watching video teaching method; the other is through the online platform for the next line of diversion, and then achieve better ground line combination. However, we transition to the Internet from a number of traditional education and training institutions can be seen in their transformation of the road is not smooth sailing.

traditional education transformation and upgrading in the stumbling block, tough road

: a stumbling block of new Internet technologies

traditional education and training institutions in transition, there is the Internet technology a "tiger" block in front of traditional education and training institutions started relying on the traditional teaching mode, there is no Internet genes, from line to line, line of teachers, teaching resources, teaching methods and online after the need to adjust and we need to understand the thinking of the Internet, and the application of this thinking to the operation and management of the Internet platform. In the Internet platform security management, product development, data analysis, decision making, you need a strong technical capabilities.

the future of the Internet education may become even more high-tech road, such as VR education live, so the technical strength of the traditional education and training institutions is very important, and this is their very weak point.


investment way

traditional education and training institutions and the Internet in hand, then it means that in the preparation of pre Internet platform, strong support technical team building, product development needs of the capital; the mid online teaching requires recording, live video and other teachers hired work; late platform operation and data management, also need to invest a large number of capital cost, and the product development cost and so on. Capital for an enterprise, it is also a key strength, to be able to expand the scale of the institutions, technical product upgrades and updates to provide adequate protection.

three: talent force

wayIn the transformation of the Internet

traditional education means to understand the Internet talent, including technical talents, to analyze the ability of Internet education platform system management and post data; and operating personnel, should be familiar with the education platform is their mode and have what competitive advantage how. At the same time can change with the development requirements of the times and industry, timely, comprehensive and accurate information collection and integration to upgrade its enterprise strategy and strategy.

this type of Internet talent, need >

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