Sohu video to more than a dozen sites sponsored by the Japanese animation court has accepted

Sohu video to more than a dozen sites launched by the Japanese animation rights court has accepted

[TechWeb news] December 23rd news, Sohu video to a dozen websites infringing the rights of the Japanese anime activist. Among them, according to the website without permission, without playing Japanese anime "slam dunk" master in its online infringement, Sohu has sue for video works against the right to network dissemination of information, the court has accepted the case.

video Sohu said its exclusive Japanese animation video piracy behavior, Sohu have carried out evidence preservation notarization of animation works up to hundreds of times, involving dozens of infringing websites. The rights of the people for the work of the Japanese diffuse works, is the first time on the first day of Sohu video works focus on rights, the total amount of claims will be up to tens of millions of dollars.

It is reported that

, as the Japanese anime copyright complex, overseas to obtain evidence for the existence of a certain degree of difficulty, and seldom on the Japanese animation rights activist lawsuit, therefore a lot of sites in knowing that the infringement case still wantonly piracy. Sohu video said it conducted a special study, to collect relevant evidence at home and abroad, and for the first time launched scale rights. It is understood that in recent years, the introduction of a huge amount of money to spend the Sohu, including the "king of the sea" ("One Piece"), "full time Hunter", "fairy tail", including hundreds of popular Japanese anime. (Ming Yu)

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