Discuz X1 5 QQ Android update enhanced forum user experience

Discuz! X1.5 since QQ robot virtual host version of the official release, caused widespread concern in the webmaster, let the virtual host build forum webmaster can use the money it can not only improve the forum interaction, and can enhance the user experience of the plugin.

Discuz! X1.5 QQ robot is a popular forum to enhance enhanced interactive plug-ins, QQ and Discuz! X1.5 were highly combined, can QQ the first time to send a robot forum related information sent to members of the QQ forum or QQ group, the forum members also can operate on the forum by sending a QQ command to QQ robot, can better play the function of interaction and exchange forum, increase interaction to improve the user experience, aggregation website popularity, while the new function is also graced the forum. Its powerful function is the webmaster of media publicity (stationmaster net: Discuz! X1.5 QQ robot officially released to enhance the popular forum), the use of users increased dramatically, the official tension to deploy multiple servers to alleviate the pressure, to provide quality services for more users.

Discuz! X1.5 QQ robot is to gather the user, enhance the user experience and forum visits to target the development of plug-in development team constantly summary user suggestions, and constantly optimize their development goals, always remember that, in the Discuz X1.5 QQ robot! Released v1.0 official version less than ten days time, released version 1.2, adding a number of new features, and the repair has been found in bug.

[update] drp_imrobot V1.2 Release 20110315

FIX added forgot password in the member login page to show warm tips;

FIX repair to determine whether members of the QQ binding performance issues;

FIX new whether to open the user to the unbound QQ prompt;

FIX increases the user’s ability to bind the QQ robot;

FIX QQ group chat to repair intelligent garbage problem;

FIX optimize the performance of multi coding online monitoring version;

FIX fix the loss of a friend request language pack;

FIX to repair the welcome, window prompts, help menu semantic replacement invalid problem;

FIX new manual send QQ message notification forum dynamic features;

FIX remove the QQ binding page official product release address link;

FIX to increase the QQ binding page binding string automatically copy function;

FIX repair by API active trigger message to the line;


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