A5 webmaster network released the domestic nternet market transactions in April briefing

recently, Admin5 Adsense exclusive release of the domestic Internet market transactions in April briefing. As the industry’s well-known webmaster information portal, Admin5 Adsense network’s Trading Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/) is currently very hot, more than a thousand monthly intermediary transactions, and personal transactions is far more than the number of times. Today, the Admin5 webmaster network domestic Internet market transaction briefing has become an essential reference to the industry professionals.

according to the "April domestic Internet market briefing" show, April through the A5 forum of more than intermediary transactions, in which the transaction price of 100 yuan to 500 yuan accounted for 20%, accounting for 50% of less than 100 yuan and 500 yuan to 1000 yuan, and 30% transaction price reached million yuan. From the classification point of view, the site class transactions for 30%, the domain name transaction for the class of 30%, the procedures for the transaction class is about 10%, the task of the transaction for the class of the remaining 5% for other categories.

overall, small and medium transactions in April increased significantly, especially in the transaction price between 300-1000 yuan. With the popularity of A5 forum intermediary transactions in the circle, commonly referred to as webmaster trading, we have chosen to energy-saving and fast transactions, safe and convenient. In addition, the types of transactions also increased significantly, mainly in the production of Web sites, art services and technical support.

it is understood that the formal guarantee transactions, and promote the healthy development of the current transaction, A5 Trading Forum is implementing the "authentication", the forum registered members of the real name authentication system, the registration for the real name system can be more convenient for members, convenient for the website or domain name trading transactions. Therefore, the real name authentication system has been strongly supported by the industry, the number of applications for certification every day dozens of members have more than 10000 certified members. I believe that with the implementation of the real name system A5 Trading Forum, the domestic Internet trading market will be more stable and healthy development.

website transaction briefing

trading in the website, the most easy to sell the site mainly for several types: the site is Baidu included (ordinary Baidu included CN domain name can sell 50 yuan -100 yuan); website PR included more web traffic; or in the 300 to 1000 IP, and a basic development potential; or for entertainment the type, site traffic is easy and rapid rise. In addition there are a large number of buyers are concerned about this site every day as long as you have a good station will soon be sold off.

to 1000 IP as the benchmark, the current site transaction price is roughly: the novel website 500 yuan to 800 yuan, 700 yuan music website, game website QQ 1000 yuan, 700 yuan, 600 yuan movie website, web site navigation site 500 yuan, 1200 yuan, industry generally in more than 1000 yuan (with income another).

domain name

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