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Abstract: the release of the white list means that the Internet platform is not included in the list if you continue to undertake charitable organizations fundraising Commission, it may be suspected of illegal.


has received much attention and the controversial "Internet donation" is accelerating standardization.

August 22nd, the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the first batch of 13 charitable organizations to collect information on the Internet platform for the results of the selection, Tencent charity charity Tencent charity network platform for fund-raising and other finalists 13.

will be officially implemented in September 1st this year, China’s first charity act to promote the selection of the Ministry of civil affairs. According to the "People’s Republic of China charity law" provisions of article twenty-third of "charity organizations via the Internet to carry out public donations, charity should be a unified information platform in the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council or the specified publishing information collection".

In other words, the Internet platform is not included in the list if you continue to undertake charitable organizations fundraising Commission, it may be suspected of illegal

. On the list of companies include:

Tencent Charity Foundation: Tencent charity network fundraising platform

Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd.: Taobao

Zhejiang ant small and Micro Financial Services Group Co., Ltd.: ant gold service platform

Beijing micro dream Branch Network Technology Co., Ltd.: Sina – micro-blog (micro public)

Beijing easy to raise network technology Co., Ltd.: easy to raise

China Charity Federation: China charity information platform

online banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.: Jingdong public

nine Beijing en NPO Development Research Center: Foundation Center

Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.: Baidu charity platform

Beijing Pu Pu Pu Yi Technology Co., Ltd.: public welfare treasure

Xinhua Limited by Share Ltd: Xinhua public service platform

Shanghai joint public fund: Joint advised network

Guangzhou Charity: Guangzhou charity charity information platform

number of Internet giant figure appeared in the list of the first selected.

rely on the support of the parent company advantage, Tencent public welfare, Sina micro public welfare and other well-known Internet platform for the industry to enter the forefront of the list. "Public Tencent" as an example, the Tencent donation platform has become the largest charitable donation platform, according to its official website shows that the history of money a total of more than 1 billion 140 million, more than 7 million 600 thousand people through the platform to participate in fund-raising.

Ali has two public platform finalists. Ant gold service public platform model similar to the public welfare of Tencent, are using their own payment tools to carry out public welfare. >

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