Selling 6412 movie rights netcasting jailed for 4 years

        will buy more than 6000 pirated American and South Korean movie discs format after compression, the general manager of Beijing jinhudong network technology limited liability company Yang Committee authorized by the copyright owner has lied, without permission of hundreds of Internet companies on these movies on the internet. Recently, found guilty of copyright infringement, Xuanwu court sentenced him to 4 years in prison and fined $1 million 500 thousand. It is reported that this is the largest city in Beijing so far found a film infringement case.

37 year old Yang Construction in Henan province is the city people, was arrested before graduate, served as general manager of the Beijing jinhudong network technology limited liability company and legal representatives, and served as the actual Beijing jinhudong Technology Development Company and Beijing jinhudong technology limited company responsible person.

the prosecution allegations, from 2002 to 2007, Yang committee without the permission of the copyright owner is in the name of the actual control of the companies, the United States copyright of all 5433 movies, Korean copyright all 979 movies, paid to hundreds of broadcast network company and broadband video on demand. Among them, China Tietong, China Netcom and China Telecom’s subsidiaries have signed a cooperation agreement with the Yang construction committee.

October 2007, receiving a reflection of the copyright owner, the Beijing Copyright Bureau reported Yang Jianwei to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department, which will soon be arrested.


trial, Yang Committee denied the allegations, insisted to provide their own film and television works have received the American Film Institute Beijing Representative Office in Hubei and other departments authorized audio-visual art publishing house.

, however, the court review confirmed that the American Film Institute Beijing Representative Office does not enjoy the copyright in the work, it has the right to license, issued by the Committee and yang to others the authorization, are false.

in addition, Yang said the company more than staff, Yang provided to other companies in the film and television works, in fact, are derived from the sale of pirated video cd. Each time, Yang Jianwei will want to list the movie or TV drama list, arrange for someone to go to the city to buy cheap pirated video disk. After that, he then turned to all the people into the network to fit the format of the network file, and after the uniform compression to the server for other companies to use.

in the end, that its behavior violated the copyright of others, the circumstances are particularly serious, has constituted the crime of infringement of copyright, the Xuanwu court made the decision.

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