Campus network forum moderator network life

      from undergraduate to doctoral students, Yang Chunlei has won a string of awards. Not long ago, he won a scholarship award for outstanding special – campus forum moderator of social donation scholarship – he never thought this.

      7 in late June 16th, a small auditorium, Beijing Institute of Technology, China Affirmative scholarship field defense official start. 19 the BBS moderator speech of 5 minutes each, and answer the judges questions. When howardcc, yoyoflower, octopus, et al: base West on the podium, they received star treatment, warm applause and cheers resounded through the hall.

      the audience is their "fans", but many people do not know each other, however, these players ID in the school’s "nine forum", "Bei FTP" and "flying forum" and "Network Forum Forum with a great reputation, is often a player on the stage, the audience will whisper: Oh, the original is he (she)!

      need to download what courseware information? You can go to the "north of the FTP alliance," the "union FTP list area" to see if you are "rookie", there will be a special counseling; what are the need to talk about the trouble, what good mood to share with others? You can go to the "flying forum" of the "emotional heart" hair post, the response will not be less; looking for a job, you need to understand the benefits of the situation? "Future" section of the Q & a post within a year more than one hundred thousand times click; going to graduate from school, want to rent a cheap house in Beijing, you can fly to the forum "and" information resource exchange "to see, where the" graduation to find room has more than 4 thousand hits……

      like other colleges and universities, the campus forum has become an indispensable part of their lives for more than twenty thousand students at Beijing Institute of Technology. In this virtual space, they can not only find a large amount of information, but also to find a sincere emotion.

      management of these virtual space moderators, all Beijing Institute of Technology students, they work without pay, no reward, but the service management forum, the responsibility of students, rely on the love of the BBS.

      formulate rules and guide the discussion is a common task for almost every webmaster. The former is easy to complete, but the latter is not easy to do.

      "what will you do if someone breaks the rules?" The judges asked "octopus". "Octopus" is the "North FTP alliance forum moderators, a year of my career so.

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