Google Valentine’s day off vulgar Logo interpretation of Chinese jokes

in major festivals or quite meaningful days Google replacement Logo, in the world by many fans sought after. Google each replacement of a Logo, many fans often rush about telling the news around spreading. The annual Google Valentine’s day Logo has been the focus of attention of fans. In the morning of February 14, 2009 Beijing time at about 7 Google Chinese area website for 7 hours before (14 day zero) for Valentine’s day Logo was replaced, created for Google Chinese users a day issued two holiday Logo records.

Beijing time at 0:00 on February 14, 2009, Google for the first time in China released Google Valentine’s day Logo. The Logo that was released at midnight changed a letter in the Google address, using the red letter Gxogle ( of the entire Logo.

Google Valentine’s day Logo Gxogle


network media pointed out that the Google Logo Gxogle theme of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s fire, but also need to have XO as a foil, because the wine lover and beautiful lover, because red wine and sweet. There is a layer of "XO" means "kiss", "XOXO" is "hugs and kisses" in English Wikipedia, "XO" is a simplified version of the word, on behalf of hugs and kisses. However, once the Gxogle on-line in China will cause a lot of hot Internet users.

Valentine’s day Logo Google was changed to Gxogle, that is, using X for the o in China is easily misunderstood by a large number of users. Valentine’s day Logo Gxogle makes some Chinese users believe that Google home page was black, Google was black, the message was widely spread. Even with the Logo release of Gxogle,, series of domain name was registered by a space.

at the same time, as everyone knows the reason, "X" means "sex" in some contexts, this is one of the hidden China cultural words. So on February 14, 2009 at 0:00 on the line Logo Google, also known as the Chinese Internet users the most vulgar Festival Logo Gxogle.

for a variety of reasons, the morning of February 14, 2009 at about 7, the red Logo Gxogle removed. The new replacement of Valentine’s day Logo stands for two birds on a heart-shaped "Google" (>)

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