WeChat beta picture original protection function thousands of public complaints of infringement

recently, WeChat has been the number of public operators reflect their complaints with a number of certified public companies, complaints are "cartoon infringement". This does not seem to hear the charges is a bit of a person can not touch the mind. Even individual operators said that he did not know there are "cartoon infringement" said.

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This company

is what position?

according to the complaint information, these complaints of infringement, from a company called "Beijing Kikunami network science and technology limited company" business. Business registration information query results show that the company does have a copyright, "one family to coax cattle series of cartoon characters, the creation date of August 20, 2013.


it is understood that Beijing Kikunami network science and technology limited company, WeChat is the public number one family to coax cattle subscription number "certification body of the company.


it is understood that the "China one family" is located in the commercial energy animation brand, in addition to the WeChat subscription number, also owns micro-blog, Baidu official headline number, 100, Sohu from the media and other platforms account.

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which cartoon characters are infringed?

"China one family" foreign contacts Li Dazui told the new list, the brand’s total of 7 cartoon characters, registration of copyright, respectively is the Internet arena expert network of evil, "the earth monthly" Li Dazui, chairman of the group of bovine B and bovine B group Taurus boss Mei head, Niunubi, bad animation genius bad fat group boss and business expert Dr. DADA.



those complaints were public, almost all in the article used the pictures and cartoon characters, most of the articles did not mark the original label, but, according to Li Dazui, they complained of thousands of public numbers, and all successful complaints. In other words, WeChat official did not hesitate to stand on the side of the complainant.

In fact,

, according to the provisions of China’s "copyright law", refers to the art of painting, calligraphy, sculpture with lines, colors or other form of aesthetic plane or three-dimensional art works. Therefore, it is generally believed that the so-called cartoon works should belong to the category of art works. Without the permission of the copyright owner, copying the cartoon image of others is an infringement of copyright.

, that is to say, in the existing legal system, as long as Beijing Kikunami network science and technology limited company provides copyright registration certificate, you can complaint other public and Tencent, tort, recognition and support. Fact >

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