The image recognition is Don’t laugh This black technology has these real kung fu


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lunar new year to year, chicken is a lot of young people are keen to do things at leisure. Although the "turn" the behavior may be only a more leisure, but also can bring people confidence or warning, from the psychological suggestion really change fortune".

what is the Spring Festival this year, Baidu image search launched a self test for artifact, open the Baidu mobile phone, aiming the camera self timer or upload photos, the image search will give you New Year fortune, attracted a lot of users to upload photos to test my fortune. This new feature looks very funny, because a lot of people laughing, mobile phone can actually be a fortune teller? In fact it is not ridiculous, because the "self test fortune" used the image recognition technology of black, and behind this black technology by Kung fu.

"fortune" in the end what is behind the black technology

self test for artifact is mainly using Baidu image search function, relying on Baidu based on image recognition technology, face recognition technology, the eyebrows, eyes, lips, face four key point detection evaluation. Comprehensive facial features, combined with the study of traditional physiognomy Chinese, provide new year fortune analysis for users.

frankly, "fortune" the function is not too much scientific evidence, but the real "black technology". Because people’s facial information is very rich, and everyone is very different, such as face, eyebrows, eyes, nose and other contour information known as the key points.


face recognition technology is mainly the face image of each person in several rounds of treatment, such as contour localization state correction, global coarse positioning, local fine positioning, feature tracking face 72 key points, and finally into a facial expression, to identify each person’s facial expression and facial features, in order to infer the so-called "fortune" in the Spring Festival Entertainment, to bring some joy.

In addition to the "

" test fortune ", is a small robot recently equipped with Baidu brain The Brain" stage victory never miscalculated the "water brother" Wang Yuheng, and competition is the content of face recognition. Wang Yuheng was recorded before the program, the initiative to ask the video to reduce the brightness of 20%, so that the number of challenges increased several times, hoping to defeat the small robot.

Wang Yuheng said, to increase the difficulty, he thinks, is not more dark, more computer noise? If the brightness down, (computer while handling) might come back (brightness). However, the accuracy of image recognition is much higher than people. Machine recognition is mainly based on the image contour, not afraid of brightness decline.

image recognition seems simple but very difficult

we see when measuring fortunes or when a small degree of water over the brother, mostly just a few seconds between. The features of the 72 key points of tracking the face in front of you seem to be just a moment.


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