Suning announced a strategic cooperation with Wanda Jingdong how to see

shortly after the official Alibaba shares Suning, Suning once again announced a strategic cooperation with Wanda group. Today, Wanda Group and the Soviet Union officially signed a close cooperation agreement, opened the cooperation between the two.

Suning and Wanda today announced a strategic partnership, according to the agreement, cloud store brands will stay at the Wanda Plaza business, the first batch of 40 cooperation projects; from 2016 onwards, the two sides will according to Wanda Plaza opened a year to determine the batch cooperation projects, Wanda business according to the Su ningyun requirements of planning and design.

it is reported that this Suning, Wanda cooperation does not involve the level of capital operation or asset transactions. Suning expressed the hope that through the cooperation of retailers and developers to explore the offline store customization mode. Although Suning also has its own real estate business, but the cloud store settled Wanda is complementary nature, and Wanda real estate is no conflict.

Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said "Su ningyun to Wanda Plaza, a lot of popularity to achieve rapid development, Wanda Commercial cloud providers also need to enhance the quality of this line of Wanda Plaza under new business integration. Su ningyun find the best place to operate, to ensure business growth, Wanda Commercial long-term and excellent business cooperation, rent growth."

"since then, a series of commercial form Su ningyun electricity will stay at the Wanda Group, in the consolidation of the one or two class market retail business advantages, accelerate the line three or four line market development speed, there is no doubt that it will open two industries around the user consumption habits, format layout, operation mode and a series of new business service model, promote the innovation of operation and operation of the shopping center, with more convenient ultimate consumer experience for the user, further to set line consumption." Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said.

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