Electricity providers play distribution war business model will be subverted

current, electronic business platform competition from the price war to enter the distribution war, and some companies even launched a day Sanda delivery services. The electricity supplier industry "distribution of war" reflects the trend of competition how? Whether this trend represents the future direction of the layout of the business enterprise? "Economic Reference News" interview on these issues of home appliance industry expert Mr. Luo Qingqi.

existing electricity supplier model is outdated

"Economic Reference News" in the mainstream business platform with strengthening logistics distribution service, goodaymart mall has launched a "new model of speed restriction, look at how the recent electricity supplier industry" Logistics Dispute "


Luo Qingqi: I think this is a new platform for the operation of the electronic business logic, it is not just a simple logistics, nor is it simply the online shopping, but the logic of the entire business change.

Internet era is an era of absolute right to speak of the user, the user becomes the dominant force in business activities, to meet the needs of the user’s personalized enterprise has become the core task. From the entire retail point of view, the development of the electricity supplier to meet the needs of the Internet era of users, but also to meet the user’s personalized needs may provide.

, however, the current electricity supplier from the moment of birth is evolved into a kind of plant type circulation and goodaymart platform, launched the "speed" purchase activities fundamentally expands the connotation of electronic business platform, in this mode of electronic business platform is not only the product trading platform only, but a the user needs quick response system on this platform, users demand and products and services to achieve fast and accurate docking.

traditional circulation mode was subverted

"Economic Reference News": Generally speaking, the electricity supplier exists as an age of the Internet distribution platform, from this point of view, goodaymart the launch speed purchase activities in what is the difference?

Luo Qingqi: This is the result of efficient coordination of the industrial chain, but also an era of mass customization of the Internet industry practice.

in general, the product from the factory to the user’s home will go through multiple dealers, which brings great inconvenience to the user experience. This inconvenience is mainly embodied in two dimensions: the price and service in price, high cost products circulation, potentially enhance the product terminal price; at the same time, due to the different circulation platform there are differences in service strength, logistics, installation and other service users to enjoy are not the same, it becomes a major drawback the traditional circulation mode.

Shun Shun proposed speed purchase mode is essentially the practice of user thinking. The speed of purchase mode can integrate manufacturing system, circulation system and service system, according to the user demand for the industrial chain "parallel operation", so as to better meet the needs of users, it should be said that this is a subversion of the traditional products circulation mode.

retail manufacturing outcrop angle

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