Food safety website due to excessive traffic paralysis Founder postponed graduation


Wu Heng, born in 1985, was admitted to the Fudan University in the history and geography of the research center in June this year, officially graduated from a total of five years to master the master’s degree in 2007. During the period, has to go to Ningxia to support education, the founder of "throw out the window", graduation was delayed for two years. Morning news reporter Wang Chentu

Fudan University Graduate created food safety website "initially want to tell students what to eat, but it is such a website, click 25000 times 2 hours yesterday paralyzed. Paralysis of a website, which is behind the current real anxiety about food safety issues.

Morning Post reporter Wu Jiawen

"throw out the window" network paralysis, one of the small food safety website yesterday is the hottest topic on micro-blog.

"hunger breeds discontentment, frequent food safety issues in today, how to avoid buying or eating food has become the focus of attention.

(micro-blog) recently, Fudan University Graduate Wu Heng (micro-blog) a year ago founded the "throw out the window", paid close attention to by people again. This is a Chinese let people understand the food safety website, a food safety news database, similar to the "poisonous food Wikipedia", or we can say that it is a search engine on food safety. Yesterday, "throw out the window" network overload flow of more than 25 thousand passengers in two hours, paralyzed.

a 34 person lasted for 31 days

completed 1000 words report

, according to Wu Heng, said he was concerned about China’s food safety issues from the melamine incident.

yesterday, Wu Heng announced on micro-blog, more than a year ago made a report on food safety issues. The report relates to the mainland, Hongkong, Macao, temporarily not involved in the Taiwan area.

Wu Heng said that in this report, the current issue of food safety is more in the form of news, through print media or television and new media exposure. And the information they need for the survey is also from the news.

The survey report of

, produced a total time of 31 days, the number of participants reached 34 people, a total of nearly 17268 related reports, approximately 1000 words. From the screening of 2107 reports, the production of 2849 records. Including the extraction of keywords and the incident, relates to the type of food, which is harmful to the human body, the reason for each story, to facilitate statistics and query.

in the investigation report for the first phase of work, the main problem is how to ensure the authenticity of information? With the help of iatrogenic world network "safety express" plate, Wu Heng and his team according to the "Interim Provisions" in the website published news of business management in seventh and ninth of the content of the portal.

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