Music King selling blood to do the tune network

Wang Le, the name is not strange to musical circles of friends, he also began to fiddle website, just started to serve the musical instrument manufacturers and the vast majority of paroxetine for the purpose of website tune instrument network. However, I do not understand the joy of the computer network technology, the site started the process encountered a lot of trouble, there was the idea of giving up, but fortunately, more than a friend Wang, the key moment to help force.

yesterday, the Jiangsu Taizhou newspaper reported that the king of music: selling blood to do the "tune" article. At the same time, Taizhou music FM heartbeat column also reported. Media attention, caused by the reader and the audience in the middle of the response, many people call or e-mail to the persistent young people.

music boss call, ask whether they are willing to le Wang go to work; some young people send a message asking "I understand the computer, also love music, willing to do tune website and you together"……

tone ( displayed on the website, as of yesterday, netizens spontaneously donated 7189 yuan as "tone net", Shanghai golden music also donated 6 mahogany and ebony erhu.

in people kind and enthusiasm for "living donor tune" at the same time, there are also readers such analysis: Paroxetine donations from the current situation, can make a note of breathing space, but will let her again embark on a dangerous road, because these donations can solve as pressing danger is not a permanent solution.

How to let the

website to get profits, through the market of capital inflow channel long-term development has become a topic you have discussed yesterday.

Paiqin Yang Zheng Art Center for Cheng Xiang said: "the website can tune until now, it was not easy, it is really a pity to give up. We should see, now the folk living environment is getting better and better. From the actual situation of our piano, more and more people learning Chinese folk, see note website can seize the breakthrough point."

signed "Xiao" Nanjing reader tone website weapon: "first, to charge for membership; second, increase advertising revenue; third, to provide trading platform split rental; fourth, to carry out online education; fifth, can collect some information, making note of music publications, sales publications"……

Le Wang reminds us of the situation has been committed to the promotion of the national music record company Hugo responsible for the old Yi (AIK), he in order to make excellent folk music records, to record at the same time issued a number of odd Hugo New-aged new music for a living. Mr. Yi said: "the revitalization of folk music may not be easy, but the society is becoming more and more popular folk music."

music king QQ:465549850 welcome friends who love the art of communication with.

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