Watch out! More than a dozen collective theft covering up to 10 million fans

Just after the January 6th

zero, "the new list index 800 exchange group" operators claimed that a WeChat public number almost simultaneously push with a text message, involving pornographic information, suspected public collective were black.

in the morning, the relevant operators to confirm the new list all the account stolen, they have been reported to the police. WeChat officials have been involved in someone’s account to delete information, such as title, and said it would conduct a thorough investigation on the matter.

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What happened to


more than ten accounts at the same time send illegal advertising information

"Beauty Yoga" and other public number operators Wang last night encounter midnight cry, just after 12, there is a friend called and told them several accounts under the same push a contains a link advertisement text information. This is not in the daily operation plan, make Wang more shocking is that this message in an unknown link oriented aphrodisiac perfume, is obviously illegal goods. It makes the whole team like a cloud, after analysis, they confirm the account is stolen, has come to the local public security organs in this morning for the first time.

According to Wang

to the new list of confirmed, there are 9 accounts or push the illegal advertising information they are under the flag of "Beauty Yoga", "global comedy funny list", "global fitness guide", "funny forced Queen" and "charming Shanghai", "with God replies" month cold press "," Lao Fang, "funny" underwear laugh all wet".

5 evening, there are also two WeChat public number operating team also encountered a similar situation. According to the new list of these accounts to understand the operator, the total number of 9 accounts of the total number of fans Wang team in 5 million, the remaining two teams stolen account, fans also reached about one million and about three million. Based on this, the stolen account covers up to tens of millions of fans.




According to the

and provide more new list’s WeChat group, a similar incident on the last day of 2015 had occurred, similar to the way, and the release of the same sex is advertising information, is likely to be the same for the team.


if the current WeChat public number to calculate the general advertising price, the loss caused to the relevant parties one hundred thousand. More serious is the bad impact on the reputation of these public numbers, in addition to the actual situation is not clear to the fans to bring the wrong impression, for the subsequent development and commercialization also has a great negative impact. This is also an important reason for the operator to choose the first time to report to the police.

prior to this, WeChat public number theft has occurred, according to one of the victims >

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