Gong Haiyan announced 91 foreign teachers into 51Talk can afford to put down

[Abstract] despite a series of setbacks, Gong Haiyan encourages everyone to start a business.

Gong Haiyan and Huang Allison

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on January 16th

today, the experience of the store in 51Talk, China World Trade Center, 51Talk founder Huang Jiajia officially announced the acquisition of 91 foreign teachers, and with the original 91 foreign teachers, founder of the joint participation of the media in.

Gong Haiyan said in answer to the Tencent science and technology questions, their online education in the past few years can take a detour to write a book. "The beginning of the strategic orientation of the error, from 91 foreign teachers to the ladder ladder network, and later experienced a series of bad, I have a great impact on the mentality. To some extent, the setback affected the courage and determination."

Huang Jiajia made a brief speech, he believes that the 91 foreign teachers in the oral segmentation market is the most worthy of the acquisition of the company, while sharing the reasons for the acquisition and future planning.

first, 91 foreign teachers is a serious underestimation of the company, did not get good operation, 91 teacher’s advantage is reflected in its comprehensive and rich courses, a total of 22 sets of courses, and the curriculum development 51Talk fit, 51Talk has accumulated tens of thousands of hours of courses.

second, a mature technology platform. 91 foreign teachers a lot of technical teams from the and Baidu, and this is the 51Talk in the past year to actively explore things, the technical platform of 91 foreign teachers help to enhance the future of 51Talk’s technical strength.

third, a diverse user base. 91 foreign teachers are very diverse, including young people and business users, etc.. And these two markets is the focus of the future direction of 51Talk force.

finally, 91 foreign brand awareness, and Gong Haiyan’s personal influence is also crucial.

Huang Jiajia said that after the acquisition, the original intention will not change, or adhere to the Philippines based foreign teachers, one to one teaching.

he also shared three plans for the future. First, develop a diversified market, expand more age users; second, the formation of the B2B team, and actively explore cooperation in the B2B market, English training institutions and the line; third, headquartered in Shanghai, and intends to recruit 350 talents.

last October, 51Talk get Sequoia Capital of $55 million after the C round of financing, Huang Jiajia assert to create the ultimate user experience, even if not profitable within three years. Last July, 51Talk set up in Beijing, the country’s first offline experience store, began the first attempt O2O.

online experience store has been spread across the country in 20 cities, mainly in second tier cities, such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Wenzhou, aims to cultivate awareness of online education in second tier cities users, and

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