China yesterday a large network of telecommunications Unicom denied the backbone network fault

China once again a large area off network phenomenon.

12, about 10:40 in the morning, a large number of Internet users reflect Chinese broken network, unable to access overseas websites, even frequently used MSN, Gmail mail, app store App Store are unable to connect, but also in foreign China China users reflect cannot login website, but Chinese domestic website did not affect the normal. This phenomenon began to ease at 12:20 or so, to restore access to overseas websites.

Shanghai Telecom official said yesterday, for the broken network, the company has reported to the Ministry of industry.

for this unexpected situation, some people think that this is a failure of the backbone communication network of China Telecom, leading to China Hongkong, Japan and the United States, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Holland and other overseas websites cannot access.

recently due to frequent earthquakes in Southeast Asia, reminiscent of the sea in the vicinity of the submarine optical cable was damaged by the earthquake, so that the Internet connection interruption.

but China’s two broadband operators yesterday denied that the backbone of the network failure. China Telecom official said yesterday that the company’s network within the above time has not been a failure, the reason they do not know the network off. China Telecom said it has been reported to the Ministry of the relevant circumstances, but has not yet been officially said.

China Unicom official said yesterday, has asked relevant departments of the company after the answer is the company network and no problems occurred in Indonesia, the earthquake did not cause damage to submarine cable Unicom Network, everything is normal.

Telecom experts Hou Ziqiang pointed out that if the backbone of the telecom operators do not have problems, then the network can not access the Internet side of the software problem.

submarine cable breaks due to overseas Internet access has occurred many times. In December 2006, Taiwan earthquake caused by China Telecom in the Pacific submarine cable suffered massive damage, because the repair takes time, then a long time between Sino US internet access is not smooth. In August 2009, the Taiwan earthquake happened again as well as by "Morach" caused by the typhoon impact of debris flow, 5 undersea cables near the China Telecom in this area, the destruction had influence China access to overseas Internet users.

China’s current backbone communication network is built and operated by China Telecom and China Unicom two operators. Chinese Internet users to visit overseas websites are the two operators to complete the cross-border transmission of submarine optical cable.

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