nternet giant monopoly mobile nternet platform into a new field of vertical opportunities

September 3rd, at the 2012 Baidu World Conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li announced its mobile Internet strategy. Robin Li announced that Baidu will open to small and medium developers, including cloud storage, big data intelligence and cloud computing, including the core cloud capabilities. Baidu will invest about 10000000000 yuan to build a cloud computing center, the company will follow the apple APP Store push APP Search, which are available to small and medium developers free.

compared to traditional Internet giants such as Tencent, Baidu Inc force mobile Internet late. Previously, Robin Li had likened the investment of mobile Internet wine driving. Baidu overwhelmed Baidu cloud strategy, indicating that the company will be established as the core of cloud computing mobile strategy. Through the construction of the basic platform in the field, to extend the olive branch to small and medium application developers.

with the gradual completion of the Internet giant in the field of mobile Internet layout, small and medium developers in the field of entrepreneurial projects need to be more careful. Investment and financing forum in the mobile Internet branch group held recently, a number of investors in an "investor" and other media interview that the platform of the mobile Internet market has been the Internet giants occupy, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have more opportunities in the vertical field.

Baidu mobile Internet logic

Robin Li said that the current application development has entered the era of cloud development, Baidu cloud will allow developers to enhance the ability to take cloud computing in a mature cloud platform, in the development and operation of a full range of support.

and three months ago, Robin Li believes that although a large number of VC in the money, but the mobile Internet business model is still not mature. "We all feel that the mobile Internet is the future, countless people in the washed up, it is like a drunk driving. Very exciting but also very dangerous, accidentally will be out of life."

but the rapid growth of mobile Internet makes Baidu changed its mobile strategy. In the past year, the user’s mobile application search volume increased by ten times, from Baidu’s statistics show that mobile phone users have an online time of eighty percent is spent on the application of mobile internet." Robin Li analysis.

Baidu also released the

service developers of seven weapons: personal cloud storage (PCS), LBS? Cloud, Baidu mobile cloud Testing Center (MTC), the Baidu App Engine (BAE), multi screen Screen X technology, Baidu mobile cloud application services (Site App) and the generation of Baidu mobile browser kernel.

reporter learned, which is based on Baidu API cloud storage, storage and bandwidth cost of developers to build Ap produced by Baidu to bear, this service can make some small developers monthly savings of 100 thousand yuan cost of broadband. Baidu apparently hopes to provide basic services to the mobile Internet developers gathered on their own platform, in order to enhance the status of Baidu in the mobile internet.


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