Daily topic pick up the living room dream Millet shares of qiyi and Youku potatoes

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 11th news, according to the first financial daily reported, millet recently completed on Iqiyi and Youku potatoes hundreds of millions of dollars in investment. Among them, Iqiyi’s investment amounted to about $300 million, millet investment at the same time, Baidu also added Iqiyi to the same magnitude of investment. Currently millet, excellent soil, Iqiyi not on the investment public response.

informed sources, long before the former Sina editor Chen Tong entry, millet company will finalize the negotiations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iqiyi’s $300 million investment in Baidu’s, and has been backed by Alibaba Youku potatoes, and millet also reached the content resources cooperation, in addition to millet but also in the two grade market purchase tens of millions of dollars of shares Youku potatoes.

chairman Lei Jun millet said earlier, the content industry on television millet, millet box, millet mobile phone, it is an important matter of a life-and-death matter including millet tablet. Otherwise, we work so good TV, but we are not rich enough content, the consumer complaints on a large, so the content of the problem has become an urgent problem to become millet."

in content constraints and the broadcasting regulatory storm under the pressure of millet "living the dream" was striking one snag after another. Review millet box just launched, was due to the issue of SARFT SARFT emergency stop. Last year and this year, millet has been Hunan satellite TV, excellent soil, music, as the prosecution of infringement. These lawsuits to millet sounded the alarm. Now with Iqiyi and Youku potatoes gezonglianheng, this let just set "junlingzhuang" said for up to six months so millet on TV and video box in the end product "upside down" of Chen Tong, have more clout.

after joining Chen Tong, millet plans to invest $1 billion in the first phase of the content industry, will be responsible for Chen Tong, and more content manufacturers to cooperate. Prior to joining Chen Tong, millet has invested $230 million to invest in thunder, which is a large part of the value of the value of Thunder KanKan fancy.

millet from the point of view, although violate the broadcasting policy in TV and millet box and the future of television reached a cooperation, but the content on the short board compared LETV become a fatal flaw, several major domestic video sites of infringement, even shares thunder after the content support is still very limited, and come up with $1 billion of their own the purchase of production risk is too big, the final choice in video website is undoubtedly the fastest and most reasonable way.

at the same time, around the first echelon between Iqiyi and excellent soil, from copyright resources to homemade content and then to multi domain multi screen terminal or competition will become more intense.

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