How to find a new site

website construction, to find new customers. Even more so. How to find new customers, I have to talk about this rookie!!! Thank grasping a is my website, agricultural portal. Just built a forum, go look at


to find new customers to increase the flow of the site, I take three steps;

The first step of

: the site built left a lot of space, do free workspace, released some new customer information, let them see, repeatedly on the Internet. The website promotion of customers in different forms in different display addresses. Increase the watch face, to attract new customers


the second step: make some false, real ones. There are a lot of customers have their own website, do traffic statistics, so we should be in different online, open our website to a different computer, browse the content. Customers can also use a different mobile phone, the phone to ask our customers some business something, let customers feel a certain amount of publicity. Such customers will often come to release new information.

The third step: we use

advertising to attract customers. We should do a good job in advertising fees, not too high or too low. Well, publicity in our online activities, we are now engaged in what, or what registered members can get a free advertising, to attract new customers join.

method is not very good, is so come, for your reference. You have what good method is not anti also talk about, or add my QQ404521085 to talk about.

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