Start from the details of the operation of the site

aha, it’s time again today. Just finishing the site tired. Knock Braille play.

site on the line, the feeling is busy, until now. Because the day to go to work, only the night time to do. Yesterday, chat with friends, friends saw my website, sent a message that the word wrong. The title of a post. Thought, post well, it doesn’t matter. Friends give advice, look, I’ve noticed. It must have been a bad feeling. You should pay attention to the user experience.

was busy, came back and thought, is indeed. The operation of the site, we must start from the details, to do this is to pay attention to the user experience. Browse to the user, the home page will feel that you are a responsible person, the intentions of the people, to make the site must be close to the Internet users to judge the standard website. As a result, it is a rush, the site turned over a time, write down the details to be modified. Another good toss.

that is a simple summary of the place to focus on

1 site overall layout is harmonious. Isn’t it all about harmony lately?. The style of the website, must have continuity, cannot jump too. Otherwise it will make people feel is not the same station, a bit too "accident", the Chinese people, mostly continuous thinking. So, do not abuse the site style, thought that the site is very beautiful, very special.

2.js script error check. If there is an error, directly when the pop-up alert dialog box; some JS may not be too much impact on the overall site display. However, the report shows that the bottom left corner of the browser, really upset many users, including myself. Once such a mistake, and energy to get rid of him, then do not hesitate. Perhaps because of such a mistake, will allow a user to consider whether or not to visit your site again.

3 image processing. This should be a lot of webmasters are familiar with. Pass on the picture is very beautiful, how to look so awkward. The original picture compression or stretching. Some webmaster to save trouble, pull over the material without dressing, directly go up, do not say that the ratio does not match the above also with others logo, more, directly took a link. The webmaster, lazy or intolerable, not to ignore the effect of efficiency. Good display, plus the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the picture gives people a relaxed mood to browse, if it is stretching distortion, looking at the pain. If someone else’s logo, I doubt whether it will go directly to the site up. Therefore, it is better to slow down, but also to deal with the picture.

4 release information integrity. Sometimes it may be because of the information itself. Such as title, content, will be filled in. In addition, some sources, authors, labels, and so on, some of the items to be filled, many will be empty. And then the information is displayed, empty author, empty source. Empty… If you are a responsible person, be sure to write. Cannot find >

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