Share supporting the promotion strategy of network marketing techniques below

in the article share promotion strategy: supporting network marketing techniques (on), respectively in three aspects, create a sense of urgency to grasp the correct time, free gift role and share several aspects of Internet marketing promotion should pay attention to, then today on one, from the free shipping, use discount webmaster, recommended the three aspects to elaborate. Although each detail does not apply to various sites, but with their own website, the right to grasp certain details, it is easy to improve the conversion rate of users.

on the other hand, we have to learn by analogy, the industry cannot, can business promotion are very different, some products are suitable for offline promotions, and some is very suitable for the Internet, especially some virtual electronic products. In fact, the most important thing is to form a kind of thinking, through the use of different promotional tools to do experiments, in the repeated comparison to achieve the maximization of value. Well, here’s the text.

fourth: free shipping, free shipping can sometimes directly determine the user’s purchase intention, especially for books and small items. I usually buy some webmaster class books and MID books. Looking at many places found prices are not much difference between, but some free shipping, some are not, it finally will certainly consider free shipping business. For example, many of the books on Taobao are cheap, but the freight is more expensive, the price of the book itself and the shipping costs are often more expensive than those free of charge. However, many small and medium enterprises in terms of free shipping is not realistic, after all, we have to consider a variety of costs. Therefore, it can be divided into time free strategy, you can also buy a certain amount of free shipping. Free shipping is only one aspect of the promotion can be considered, does not mean that all use this method.

fifth, Discount: discount is a common means of business, although sometimes it is really just a promotional tool, but as long as the word discount, or very attractive to the user. Why the recent development of the purchase of such a fire, because there is a low discount price. At the same time, a market price, a discount price, price difference. Discounts can be used in many festivals, anniversaries and events. You can also send vouchers and gift vouchers, but these gift certificates have the best period of use, make the user feel if you do not use it have lost a chance. Discount and gift coupons can be said to be one of the most used and most effective methods.

sixth, Adsense recommend: Adsense recommend the general use of websites in the webmaster more, especially some authoritative websites, many users are webmaster fans, if Adsense recommend products, many users will go to buy, this is a kind of psychological effect. It is possible that the user does not need this product for the time being, but out of the trust of the webmaster, the feeling of the webmaster will certainly not be wrong, if they work hard, they can also become like the owners of cattle. For example, in Taobao has a lot of shopkeeper recommend, those recommended products or selling products, or the profit is higher. In a word, make good use of

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