A good entry point in order to make the soft Wen propaganda effect

The rise of

soft, not temporary, not Renaissance, should be one of the ways to promote the continuous development of the network. So the market demand surge in the number of soft, but not many excellent software writers. Some people think that as long as the writing level slightly higher can write text, but their understanding of the text may only stay in the grammar itself. High quality soft Wen, there should be a good appropriate entry point, in order to let the soft Wen propaganda effect.

now has a considerable part of the webmaster and small and medium enterprises in the promotion of soft, including free and charge two. The former is his own copy editor wrote the relevant soft Wen, according to the needs of the promotion of publicity to some platforms, such as blogs, forums and industry website. The latter is the network company to do, responsible for the promotion of soft writing, publishing, the platform is the major portals and local life portal, etc., are high flow, to ensure that included. But the release of the quality of the different quality of the text, the effect is good and some bad.

soft Wen’s point, is a word: soft. The core is to allow customers to promote the acceptance of information in the subconscious, not abrupt, the perfect fusion in the article, to silent, to allow customers to read this text, can resonate, and can remember the brand and product information. To do this, you need to find a good fit with the right entry point.

communication channels, if different, soft text in content, language style, title and perspective and position on the different, otherwise easy to cause customer resentment. For example, a type of forum, you should release on the women’s skin care products soft, so soft, you certainly can not write the content simple skin care experience sharing, not in the form of a press release written, but should write some emotional stories of what, fusion to their content, reach a certain resonance. Here are some of the following:

1, from the product or the site itself to find the entry point

to write text, we should know what to write on, for example, to write about a food soft, you must first analysis, the characteristics of the food in where, how to taste, packaging, and similar food than what are the advantages and disadvantages etc.. And then according to the relevant keywords to write, the characteristics of these analysis, we can write the soft point of entry.

2, combined with hot events, news, etc. to write

hot events and news flow and exposure probability is very high, we can carefully to see, whether can be combined to write text. For example, Hollywood actress Angelina · Julie suffering from breast cancer and the subcutaneous breast surgery, this news can write about breast cancer soft, to remind the importance of female breast health care, and can bring promotion related information.

3, analysis of users and potential user groups

soft text is written to the user to see, of course, can also tap potential >

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