Dongguan Telecom DC room bandwidth upgrade in the country’s most

according to a set of authoritative data iResearch Consulting Group recently released show that attach great importance to enterprises in the selection of the host service provider of "security" and "room bandwidth resources", which makes the room bandwidth become the key factor that enterprise users choose the service provider.

wave of the Internet wave after wave, penetration rate is also rising. Due to the rapid development of information technology, enterprises continue to improve the requirements of the site, the majority of enterprises in the station will choose to buy a server, server hosting has become a very common phenomenon. Server hosting security and stability is good, and the autonomy of the management authority than the virtual host. It is reported that, with the popularity of the use of the server, the server room bandwidth has become the focus of attention of the enterprise, has become the first choice for business service providers to investigate conditions.

recently, the reporter learned from the Dongguan Telecom IDC head Han Ryohei department was informed that, in order to better serve customers, Dongguan Telecom IDC room has begun a comprehensive upgrade, the Dongguan Telecom IDC room will directly from the 80G bandwidth expansion of nearly 3 times the upgrade to 220G bandwidth, ranked the machine most, while 6 months to expand the bandwidth of inquiry 160G, by the end of the official upgrade is complete 220G. Has completed the upgrade of Dongguan joint national export network, and the interconnection between Dongguan and Guangzhou Dongcheng speed room Jiaochang west room upgrade. Refresh the bandwidth of China’s IDC computer room, marking the Chinese IDC will enter another high-speed era.

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century as one of the IDC core of Dongguan telecom operators, has chosen industry technology, professional technical team is your guarantee of confidence. In order to thank customers has been China century support special upgrade success in Dongguan Telecom IDC room, held a "speed experience tour, 20M exclusive dual core server rental season to pay only 3999 yuan, so that more small and medium enterprises" cool summer". The identity was finally professional server rental service provider in China century, provide a variety of brand server rental, entry-level server rental business, including exclusive bandwidth server, 1G server shared bandwidth fully guarantee the information needs of business users.

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IDC (Internet Data East Guangdong Telecom Center Internet Data Center) is the Internet harbor, Kau IDC expansion project in 2006, the project started in May 2006, has been completed completed in March 2007. A total of seven layers, is subordinate to China Telecom, providing high-grade, full-service Internet data center.

Dongguan Telecom

Internet data center to standard telecommunication class a room and China Telecom powerful cyber source based management system for highly automated and highly scalable system facilities, to provide safe, for different users can be.

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