Once sold 91 mobile assistant Xiong Jun once again sold for 1 billion push synchronization

I horse: October 8th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan listed gaming companies rose after a temporary by the board of directors, will be 1 billion 68 million yuan to obtain full ownership of the transaction synchronous push; will be handed over to the provisional shareholders meeting in November 26th to discuss. In addition, synchronous network also announced that it will set up R & D center in Taiwan, located in the XPEC store development headquarters, development and application of intelligent mobile Internet related equipment.

sync push is the 91 mobile assistant founder Xiong Jun developed a iPhone application distribution platform, they claim to provide free iOS software to the domestic users". Jailbreak users can download the deployment of the application through the local file, non jailbreak users deploy applications through enterprise deployment account. This is a violation of Apple’s developer policy, so in the official AppStore merchants push synchronization push App only information distribution and game recommendation.

Xiong Jun 2007, the price of 100 thousand yuan to 91 mobile phone assistant to Netdragon, then join the latter two conflicts until 2009. In 2010, Xiong Jun founded the "synchronized push" and won the investment of Cai Wensheng and innovation workshop. In 2013, net $1 billion 900 million valuation will be sold to Baidu 91 mobile phone assistant.

online game developer XPEC (3662) following the day before the 2 billion 900 million yuan investment in the acquisition of the world’s largest mobile gaming platform Tiny Piece after taking rest, today announced again, will spend 1 billion 70 million yuan (NT $5 billion 290 million) made the Tongbu Technology all the shares, become the domestic game industry in the history of the largest amount of overseas investment case.

XPEC chairman Xu Jinlong said the company is focusing on the investment channel master game market, Tongbu, and Technology under the control of the Xiamen network, leading Chinese synchronous mobile game distribution, transport and mobile device management platform; the synchronization network including 91, PP, with three business in the mainland the competitors.

due to the acquisition of Tongbu Technology XPEC amount is huge, and is investing in the mainland, respect for the interests of shareholders, XPEC will be discussed in November 26th shareholders, and sent to the MOEA Council to take effect after the approval of both.

it is reported that the existing shareholders of the synchronization network, in addition to the operating team, mainly for the creation of Li Kaifu Innovation workshop and the mainland’s famous Internet angel investor Cai Wensheng. Its management team is led by 91 mobile assistant founder Xiong Jun. Xiong Jun was with the development of mobile phone assistant to join the Fuzhou dragon, Fuzhou dragon in 2013 to $1 billion 900 million will be sold to Baidu 91 mobile phone assistant.

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