Small game website promotion experience

small game popularity attracted a lot of personal webmaster to join, I was one of them. I have always thought that the small game site is not the best choice for personal energy, because the advantages of small game station.

1, the theme of the game prospects. Take a look at the popularity of the game in recent years to know, not only the prospects, but also money.

2, the latter is convenient to maintain the game station. As long as the content of the game to build up early, the latter only need to spend a lot of time to update the content. Compared to the information website, spent in the latter part of the time to update the content can be said to be minimal, the basic need to focus on the promotion of the site can be.

3, high customer turnover. Sticky web site is a good site, stickiness means that a stable source of traffic. This is also conducive to the strength of the operation of the weak individual webmaster. Li Xingping chose a small game, I think there are reasons for this.

is because the game has so many advantages, so there are so many online game site. Big portal has two levels of small channel, there are many small game professional station. Competition is not fierce. Let me talk about my experience in game promotion.

1, optimizing search engine

the fastest way to flow, the preferred Baidu. First of all, we should attach importance to high-quality links, in addition to an appropriate increase in the chain. This is conducive to the snapshot update speed, the weight of the site slowly increased. Www. 1860186. That’s how com stuck for 1 months. The current 7k7k keyword has been ranked in the Baidu second page. I believe it will soon be on the first page.

2, through web 2. 0 website promotion

, such as happy network, which has a very good site sharing function.

3, through the website resource exchange

find some websites to make the exchange of resources, so as to increase the site’s resources and can be a lot of background. Even if Baidu down the right, but also the flow.

4, appropriate to do some paid advertising

site navigation station, such as the game station is very clear target customers. Absolute worth.

finally welcome to join the game master small game webmaster exchange group. 9547567

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