Use software to promote the site to share the practical methods

do have content, the user experience first, combined with station promotion. There are a lot of these three SEO consensus, there are a lot of people stressed that, but often become empty talk, rarely share something practical. We know: content, user experience, promotion is a direction we do website. If you want to do something specific to do some useful skills and a good way to hope that your peers to share out, only a lot of exchange and sharing will be progress. Outside the station today to share ways of promotion, hoping to attract.

today to share the theme is – Software promotion. I believe that many webmaster have such experience, we related software to download the website source code, and material and other documents, unzip the folder in which there are usually some software information: for example, containing the URL address of the HTML file, and introduces the method of using the software.Txt document or video tutorials. In many of these documents are attached to their own web site copyright, advertising and other information. Or the software itself has a web site information. This station has a lot of well-known software such as: the Chinese army, sky, Chinaz, Dortmund download station and so on, this kind of advertising is easy to accept each other, communication between users or software. We need the document to the user at the same time, but also to promote their own website, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

but some of my friends I would say the website is not software, download type material, how to do? It must depend on everybody from groping, just for example, as I do in the printing industry, I can in the printing related forum upload printing printing design software, the paper studies learning video data etc.. I do now is more of the printing of the software, the first to collect some popular software, the use of.Txt file folder to add the information I stand, or add a point to my site Html file. When the software is very useful and popular, the promotion effect is very large, and good software itself has a good communication, the latter to bring you the benefits of promotion is immeasurable. Many people think that their industry is nothing to share, but each industry is the need to learn and share, there is learning, there is information, information can be shared. Carefully explore your site to promote the software bar.

it is worth reminding: malicious plug-ins installed by software, the spread of the virus trojan, tampering with the home page, a pop-up window, the spread of bad information and so on promotion means we seem too much, it will only make people feel disgusted, will encounter complaints and even legal sanctions, believe that the webmaster is wise.

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