Google official course use the right means to promote your site

1 to write new content or services blog

write a blog on your own website to make your site’s visitors know that you add new content, which is actually a very good way to promote new content or services. Other webmasters who regularly visit or use RSS feed will also see this blog post.

2 do not ignore the line to promote

spend more energy to promote your company or website online will be very effective. For example, if you have a business site, don’t forget to put the website URL on your name card, letter head, and brochures, etc.. You can also give the customer a commercial message, let them know how to add new content on your website.

3 to understand the social media website

many sites around the user interaction and communication. This makes it easier for users with specific interests to find relevant content.

please note:

do promotion of each new content; it is recommended that you focus on the promotion of more important and interesting content.

allows the site to participate in the cheating program, to enhance your site’s ranking above these services.

4 add your company to Google’s local merchant center

if you are running a local company, adding your company’s information to Google’s local business center will help you get more contact with Google maps and search. More tips on how to promote local businesses can be found in the webmaster center.

5 contacts in the community and your site content related to the website

you are likely to find that some of the site’s theme is similar to yours. Communication with such sites is often helpful. The hot topics of the forum or community you are involved in will inspire you and your community website to create a better site or community resource.

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