Under the cold of the capital the nternet can not raise the public shareholding of the enterprise

due to poor domestic economic environment and the domestic stock market downturn and many other factors, resulting in the Internet industry in the second half of 2015, the capital of winter". However, an innovative financing model is currently rising in China, which is to raise public equity financing. According to Chan Ying released the "January 2016 report" to raise the public sector data show that domestic non public equity financing platform in January 2016 442 new projects, the completion of the financing of 604 million yuan. So, why equity financing platform will suddenly rise? And the choice of equity financing platform for entrepreneurs? East may wish to read:



Internet equity investment and financing platform why rise?

first, domestic investors blowout, the rise of the Internet to provide an open platform for non-public equity financing. In recent years, the first generation of the Internet, the second generation of entrepreneurs, there have been a considerable number of people have been successful, through the listing or sale of enterprises to obtain a considerable wealth. For example, Jingdong chairman CEO Liu Qiangdong, after the listing of assets was 60 billion yuan, after Liu Qiangdong’s success is also very interested in the risk investment, the latest news is that the Liu Qiangdong family invested by UBER tea sister; for example the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, as the founder of two listed companies, net worth is not cheap, but also a rough estimate there are several billion, while Yao Jinbo is also keen to risk investment, investment of 58 city employees entrepreneurial projects; and where the founder Zhuang Chenchao net worth has reached billions, but also active investors, the investment of beauty that melt 360 etc.. In fact, there are many, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other senior executives of listed companies listed on the Internet, are also active small micro angel investors. The Internet non-public equity financing platform to further reduce the amount of investment threshold, more people with a certain degree of risk tolerance to join the ranks of micro angel investors.

second, as investors increased, for the best for the project is more intense, more importantly, angel investors also need to have the third party platform to help filtering and good projects, thus saving the investment decision time. In fact, the project selection is a huge amount of work, so a lot of risk investment institutions rely on the FA to the screening project, even through the media technology to get good projects, and more angel investors in order to save time, it will tend to look at the friends of the project. In fact, equity financing platform is not only an investment channels, but also to solve the angels good project and the project selection is lack of pain points, and this is the equity investment and financing platform for objective reasons by angel investors welcome.

also, investors also want other investors to participate in venture capital projects to reduce the risk of their investment, which is one of the reasons for the rise of private equity financing. Currently, Jingdong owners, cattle and other investors are investing in the network

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