nternet car want to play subversion is also a key scene

man in the car well ingrained dream.

1886, factory to make bankrupt Germany uncle Carle Benz sold virtuous wife’s dowry and jewelry, overcome all difficulties to create the world’s first car, but not popular.

then the wagon is still elegant, can be sent to the illustrious client for Wahson and Holmes, for Elizabeth and Darcy’s British country love as props, accurate interpretation of European gentlemen romantic life.

if you replace the Internet language to express carriage advantage: the mature products supporting the support of upstream and downstream industry chain, has a large and stable demand, applications have proven that persistent consumer inertia.

car, but exudes a smell of the mechanical monster, the failure rate by various regulations too horrible to look at, discrimination, were asked to leave a noble horse as far as possible, children often greet it with stones.

then cannot lose Benz play a trick.

he picked up a county government officials, this is the first time to travel by car, very excited, but low speed Benz deliberately leaving the carriage from side over, also an innocent, law car shall not exceed 5 kilometers per hour, the officials immediately shouted: anger greatly accelerated, I ‘m the law (German too anxious to speak English).

Benz and right foot throttle, pull away. Since then, the car has become synonymous with speed.

the story of the Mercedes Benz is not only a technical bull, or a competent product manager and understand the marketing of the network red, because he had discovered the first practical selling point of innovative products: loaded X.

basically, when a new product is not legally recognized, the performance is not up to the expectations of the public, you can use it on the Internet today, cars with more than 100 years ago is no different.

in product innovation, the two generation of people who have at least three points:

1, no

et al

can’t wait for the car Benz legal name, the causality is apparently reversed, no one will dominate the carriage Street developed automobile traffic rules, to influence the superstructure, you must become the economic base.

Internet car dependence on policies should also be limited, the policy can not only make the Yutong Bus crazy with 6 billion 800 million new energy subsidies, sent 3 billion 300 million of the history of the cattle dividends, also can let Tesla overnight due to emissions exceed the standard become "non environmentally friendly vehicles", also eat 70 thousand tickets, equivalent to spit out all the the amount of the tax rebate.

2, matching never before you mature


Benz might not require the carriage shop transition to the garage, and does not require the caoliaochang upgrade to the gas station, which is today in the oil or petrochemical gas station to squeeze into the charging pile.

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