State Copyright Bureau will focus on combating illegal copyright sites

February 25th, 56 net, ocean net, NetEase, 3G portal and many other Internet companies jointly signed the "establishment of copyright protection mechanism, the implementation of the protection of intellectual property rights" and "common resist vulgar, creating a green, healthy, civilized and harmonious network environment" two proposal book, aims to promote respect for intellectual property rights a boycott of piracy, safeguard the legitimate interests of the copyright owner.

At the

meeting, Zhao Xiuling, director of the copyright administration division of the State Copyright Bureau, said that the crackdown by the State Copyright Bureau was on the point of illegal copyright sites, and not for the normal operation of the website. As long as in the Internet business, legal disputes occur in the current situation will inevitably, it should not be used to administrative law enforcement means, for legitimate sites are very cautious in taking enforcement measures or the use of administrative punishment.

this, East China University Of Politics and Law professor Wang Qian believes that the site can not because of the content of the infringement on the presumption that it has subjective fault. When the right to sue the video site, the site must be clear as to help users to store the contents of the platform, or directly made of media content, the former only limited liability, while the latter is the direct infringement liability, the two bear is different.

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