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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news April 25th, 23 this month, once renowned restaurant reservation site Fantong collapse into a cloud of suspicion! From the beginning of the April to the present, Fantong appeared in the official website can not be opened, no one answered the phone in 400. Operation for ten years, the news came out suddenly, the industry set off a hubbub, behind the collapse of the rice Unification, what is the poor operation of their own food or beverage industry O2O development prospects to be observed?

2003 online catering service provider Fantong leading

was founded in Beijing, is the first China free restaurant reservation service, catering service discount free online catering services company, is committed to providing high-quality catering for the Chinese hundreds of millions of consumers booking service, build China catering industry fashion vane. Originally founded rice unification model is very simple: the main restaurant put their information on food systems online, users can not only directional query and restaurant reservations, but also enjoy the Fantong discount agreement with the restaurant. The purpose is, discounts to attract users through traffic, ordering for the restaurant by the user to tap new customers.

June 2008 Fantong wholly acquired Guangzhou world restaurant website; July 2008 Fantong get Japan Asia Investment represented four overseas venture investment enterprises nearly 30 million yuan ($4 million) investment risk. According to data released before Fantong, Fantong covered 80 main city, 50 Chinese million restaurant first hand information; by the end of December 2009, Fantong accumulated about 16000000 consumers with the restaurant reservation service, a total of more than 3 million 500 thousand orders, the cumulative consumption volume of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan.

before the rice Unification collapse news seen in the media side, a number of people in the catering industry O2O already know Fantong server shutdown message. As has been nearly 11 years of entrepreneurship dining reservation site, finally drained complicated: internal management confusion, serious internal friction; after a few financing, equity allocation confusion, controversy occurred under the shareholder withdrawal phenomenon; 1 stick to the original mode of telephone ordering, the arrival of the mobile Internet when no substantive breakthrough change, VC not optimistic about this mode of financing is very difficult……

The biggest blow

Fantong suffered in 2010, when the rapid rise of group purchase website, including the main rival public comment Fantong are invested heavily in group purchase, Fantong is the beginning of hesitation, and then it was forced to follow up, but too slowly, by U.S. competitors fall too many. The first group purchase business industry is sweeping the catering business focus is to discount coupons, group purchase website burn do push the work of education catering company, posed a threat to the food systems network and the public comment.

for the final collapse of a 10 years of operation of the website, the industry believes that the key for Fantong transformation is too slow, in the changing consumer behavior group purchase mode, there is no time for the formation of business model >

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