Tianya community force to accelerate the listing of e commerce tourism

"is the horizon of the year of fate last year, we withstood the pressure, there is a slow company, but the stock market there is a word called" how long horizontal, vertical how high ", it is time to force the world". On March 21st -22, Tianya chairman Xing Ming at the second annual conference and Chinese Internet investment financing forum made it clear that the community e-commerce, especially the tourism e-commerce will be the horizon force this year.


event co sponsored by the Qing Branch Group and the world community, this year is the second, March 21-22, Sanya Marriott brings together the 500 risk investment institutions and domestic Internet and e-commerce business elite, common 2012 China Internet industry development situation, investment opportunities and e-commerce, mobile Internet, social networking, online games, video, O2O (Online To Offline) development and other segments of the industry conducted in-depth exchanges and sharing a common interpretation of the Internet industry investment and financing new opportunities. This is a rare investment in the Internet industry in recent years, high-quality, high quality event. Has always been low-key Tianya community as a joint sponsor, high-profile debut of the conference, is considered to actively seek to market, accelerate the development of the signal.

at the opening ceremony speech, the chairman Xing Ming boldly predicted that Chinese A shares experienced nearly 20 years of development, it has not formed the mainstream network forum, the next 3-5 years, will be on the Internet, new media, culture media and other emerging industries are hundreds of billions of market capitalization of Internet companies. He believes that the future will form a number of great community platform, social, localization, wireless and other popular elements are all integrated together. Community is the trend of the Internet, while the skyline is committed to building a comprehensive network of community platform.

at the same time, he said, there will be the first from the community electronic commerce began to force, and with tourism and other vertical industries as a breakthrough, has begun to layout of tourism e-commerce in China, and will launch a "skyline guest" tourism e-commerce platform.

already has a special community tourism community platform, 13 years of trial and accumulation, has been with the Sanya municipal government, China, Mount Emei scenic area, Guilin Tourism Bureau of tourism city, tourism service enterprises, tourist attractions built depth strategic cooperation relationship. Shortly before the March 1st, one of the central enterprises as a key project in Hainan, Tianya community with the domestic business the largest tourism enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. Chinese CTS mango’s strategic agreement, cooperation in the construction of "wisdom tourism, global service" in Hainan Province, the national tourism e-commerce industry base. In March 5th, Tianya and Mount Emei tourism Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will combine the skyline community tourism service platform "skyline guest" and Mount Emei network service platform "Shitu network resources, the construction of new tourism online marketing service platform.

for the industry is more concerned about the future development of the world,

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