A week in review why Ma strong push Baidu hundred attracted attention

1 Baidu launched Baifa Internet financial hot

October 22nd news yesterday, Baidu announced that its "Baidu financial center, financial management platform will be officially launched in October 28th, will also launch target of 8% annual rate of return financial plan Baifa (8.baidu.com). It is understood that, Baidu Financial Center – financial platform will be formally launched on October 28th, will be the goal of the annual yield of 8% financial plan". "100" by Baidu financial center, Huaxia Fund jointly launched, claimed that the annual yield of up to 8%, the balance of treasure than the launch of Alipay’s high. Baidu relevant responsible person said, "Baidu financial center will be based on existing resources comprehensive Baidu, equal cooperation with our financial institutions, reshaping the traditional financial product design, packaging, sales and service of all aspects, plans to build a public oriented customer financial service platform, financial center and loan center, to provide security high yield, simple and easy to operate and management service for the user.

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2 Ma strong push from the inside to resist WeChat push Ali mobile social dream  

October 21st news, news sources claimed that the Alibaba chairman of the board Ma at noon yesterday in the post Alibaba internal forum, stressed the importance of mobile communication products and from the Alibaba for the importance of each employee forced Ali before the end of November must have 100 users from outside, and in the post is facing the challenge of WeChat. Ma said. "The biggest feature is the tens of thousands of employees unyielding spirit," said the old man should be "spirit to challenge X".

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3 Ali listed locations did not choose the suspected release of smoke bombs to the HKEx  

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