Open Taobao shop in good faith to long term

In the Taobao

online shopping cheated a lot, but most people think that the amount is small, no need to tell the seller entanglement, or some people think money buying experience it, too lazy to rivalry with the seller. Remember that there is a complaint on the Internet recently after the purchase of Taobao door: Miss Zhang bought a JACK&JONES Taobao leather jacket. "The picture of clothes is really good, the seller is also said to be genuine, absolutely no problem, look at the seller’s reputation, but also more than 3 diamond sellers." Miss Zhang to the price of 300 yuan to buy it.

after receiving the goods, Miss Zhang found that clothes and pictures are too large, suspected clothing is counterfeit, suspected sellers who rely on Taobao’s reputation to get the brush, the refund was rejected by the merchant. Miss Zhang complaints to Taobao, the site requires Miss Zhang issued by the quality supervision departments issued fake inspection certificate, and Quality Supervision Bureau did not detect this type. Thus, Miss Zhang to the seller’s location in the industrial and commercial sectors of Taijiang District Consumers Association complaints. Staff found that the seller only registered in the Taobao identity card number, other specific information can not be found. Phone contact seller, the seller refused to come forward to negotiate the matter.

what time is beyond count but more because, from the virtual network, such as Taobao in the online reputation can be improved by Taobao, the credibility of the brush, not to mention the authenticity at all? So it depends on the sale of conscience to do, because the only way to go much longer, at the same time also for those who have the Taobao credit seller said, they just in this approach. The final result that, is nothing more than the store closed by Taobao.

so do business integrity first, so as to go further.

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