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1 on the survival mode of small loans

recently often need some friends asked me about the views of Internet banking, this proposition is too large. But this is a more professional, dare not spray will step on the view of death. Of course, not afraid to step on, is not a complete system of their own point of view. Some time ago because the research project, research about the model of a small loan on the internet. Will understand the situation for everyone to do the reference, the professionals quickly pull it.

market is big, it is worth playing no


from the market environment, China Small and micro businesses have 48 million, accounting for 99.8% of the total enterprises, and can get a loan of only 300 thousand, the relationship between supply and demand — a remarkable actual also can explain why the various P2P lending sites have sprung up.

bank is not willing to develop such business, mainly because most of the small and medium-sized enterprises credit in 1 million, and Small and micro businesses credit is in the thousands of yuan, the loan amount is too low, and credit is frequent, bad reputation, management costs are too high.

on the other hand, in recent years, personal loans, whether it is housing loans or car loans, and even consumer loans are becoming more common. This allows the network to imagine an increasingly small loan space, there are entrepreneurs who come in.

2.P2P net loan for "management" but no one notice: chaos and helpless

net win the world flameout, refraction behind the industry chaos and helpless

IT Times reporter especially Xin Fei

P2P net loan and stalls things! The excellent easy loan, gold loan, Aetna outstanding escaped run away after the incident, at the beginning of August, the net win the world flameout, fully stop all net loan business, the user in the account of investment can not be removed, the situation was tense. 15%, 18% or even more than 20% per annum is like a gorgeous aura, so many investors into the P2P net loan, also contributed to the rapid expansion of the industry. However, behind the glossy, the whole system is fragile, financial security is always hidden as the shadow follows the form. Large P2P companies seeking to "be managed", however, the relationship between the government and the bank and the P2P website, is neither friendly nor aloof.

3 electricity supplier open platform: small sellers love hate entanglements

open platform is becoming the core strategy of China’s electricity supplier companies. On the platform, sellers may flourishes may also seek but nowhere.

in China in recent years, several major electricity providers have launched an open platform strategy, a platform in the open platform using fee, service fee, business technology commissions, advertising fees has gradually become the main mode of several major domestic electricity supplier to make money. But because of the platform in the advertising, drainage costs began to rise, leading businesses on the platform to easily shop early. >

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