Some marketing methods learned from migrant workers

these days, not how busy. Nothing on QQ and friends, fellow group chat. To tell the truth, before I do not pay much attention to the ads on the QQ, I always feel that the effect of mass QQ brings is not great, but also very objectionable. Today to share what I see, and marketing ideas, also analyze the real people ah, perhaps in him, he does not know what marketing, he only know that this method can make money, in fact, for us to make money is not a good marketing strategy is good? Also, not nonsense, is probably the case, I saw his hair after the advertisement is not as usual, immediately turn off, but he added the QQ, talk to him for a while. He is a motorcycle rental, in rural areas, and to provide train tickets on behalf of the purchase of services, because he lived in the vicinity of the railway station, dry for more than ten years of rental. I asked him how he thought of advertising with QQ, and he is targeted, the following in my language to describe his ideas:

first, customer positioning

his client is home from the field of migrant workers, he does not like the rental on the street, the object of his service is this group of customers, because as he said, every day on these customers are busy.

second, looking for customer


of his clients are basically working in the field, across the country, distribute leaflets? Call? Are not realistic, so he through the QQ group search to find the country hundreds of local villagers group, then all added to the group. Communicate with potential customers in the most direct way. In fact, when we came home from the field, especially the home in the small town, the car, the ticket is very inconvenient, so he used very sincere attitude, and we also need this service, so do not return by the common QQ mass caused resentment.

third: quality service

in fact, service quality is the premise to have customers through his efforts, his clients than his peers customers, and most of the time he goes in the train station waiting, as he said, now basically is the villagers gave him a message or call directly. And he is very loyal to his clients. In the railway station rental, the general charges are very high, we should all know that, and sometimes, such as in the evening, some will also increase the cost of renting. But he didn’t, he didn’t think it was necessary to make a profit, ‘I have a customer for each of them to leave my phone number. Especially in the winter, I don’t like waiting. Like other counterparts, this is my accumulated advantage. ". This is what he said.


talked to him, I felt that someone was very real. He was very clear about what he wanted and what he wanted.

although his career may not earn much for us, but it is enough for her, as he said, and now I am how we are the same

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