About Taobao C shop opened Cross shop privileges a little reflection

in the arena, whether it is or has been in the small fry Amoy heroes, had been longing for a break of the martial arts, that is "cross store magic! Is the so-called Cross shop: a list of

out of my generation!


may be some new friends do not know there is no experienced Cross shop, in short, the so-called Cross shop, the user clicks on the product you’re promoting into Tmall, and not the shop to buy your promotional products, in the browser is not closed, access to other stores have the transaction, these transactions the product is the


Cross shop authority in the past year, as long as the registered Taobao account will have, the basic is zero threshold. This also leads to a big disadvantage, Amoy industry rampant cheating, alliance also did some efforts, such as raising the threshold has cross store permissions, but little


so at the end of 2013, simply across the board to recover all of Taobao’s Cross shop privileges. Although this approach to some extent, to curb the part of cheating, but more serious is to bring a heavy blow to the regular Taobao customers, many of my friends and I respond to a straight line of income decline!

launched the same period of time seriously affect the user experience of love Taobao two jump, the formal promotion of small Taobao customers, originally by alliance can live very moist, this series of changes that they suddenly have no way out, most of them chose diverted, out of the Taobao business.

and the union from the beginning of this year, and in the adjustment of policy continuously, from the beginning that cross store permissions can not recover is incorporated into the Amoy gold components, several activities to the page slowly from time to time directly to cross store permissions to make today a history has never happened


that is the opening of the C Shop Cross store permissions!

specific we can look at the official description of the event page:

http://s.club.alimama.com/read.php? Tid=6091137

about the details of this page are, here not elaborate. So, why Taobao alliance to do so?

let’s start by thinking about it!

first, at the end of last year, Taobao union to recover the cross store permissions, forcing all Taobao customers to promote the link to jump to love Taobao. Many people have been called love Taobao, said they wanted to be second beautiful said mogujie.com, but I did not feel that this platform is how bad, but I do not want to understand, there are many ways to promote a platform, why should we choose to use Taobao to push


beauty or mogujie.com or not to import their absolute rise a lot of traffic blunt on the line, this kind of thinking to promote a platform for free flow, put a new product very stiff > show

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