n wine VS brewmaster network who moved my O2O


in order to attract consumers to link, brewmaster network ostentatious: from Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, well-known wine prices of nearly 110 thousand free bottles of wine, horse Gala tickets 20 Mercedes Benz Smart, luxury Ocean View Villa thick workshop doukan song river…… Are under orders to draw consumers Hao Li, simply become brewmaster network cooperative enterprise military review".

The wine network is

take the explosion models line, have to pick out the explosion of products and consumer products for pre collections, wines by the extremely low drainage, drives the 100 single product sales of the entire store selection.

on the other hand, prepare the five special brewmaster network "money" big promotion, the wine network will use dynamic adjustment, step by step: every two hours to open a can, as long as there is beyond the opportunity to cut prices."

battle day, the day of the whole network brewmaster network orders reached 220 million yuan, accounting for nearly half of the proportion of the entire liquor business. And the wine network is ranked third (Tmall ranking), but also steal the eye, the first "double eleven" has reached nearly 50 million yuan in sales (net).

but Hao Hongfeng did not expect that, Lai Jinyu and after the move: the wine network launched the "one hour to speed up service, the order of Beijing area, day of the next line more than and 30 stores all out, attracted industry attention. Originally, Lai Jinyu map is one side started in the wine network reputation, side to lift the banner of O2O


"O2O wine is a false proposition!" Hao Hongfeng said publicly that the O2O line store rental costs and labor costs "is to go back". In this regard, the wine network COO Wang Zexu pointedly responded: Liquor B2C is the most lethal logistics cost, while O2O can reduce the cost from tens to hundreds of yuan to 5 yuan. This is poked brewmaster network operating costs too sore.

how much wine can electricity supplier?

why did Hao Hongfeng begin to be indifferent to O2O?

The establishment of the vertical focused on liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network

Hao Hongfeng in 2009. Then do not say O2O, electricity supplier in the industry are the new term – the only electricity supplier liquor reference sample only was founded in 2008 in the U.S. also buy wine and liquor, but also are focused on the Wine.

Hao Hongfeng was facing the biggest problem is that in a proxy system and the price system is very tight seller’s market, who will sell liquor in the competitive advantage of low prices for the Internet? As Shanxi largest local liquor agents, Hao Hongfeng’s thinking has been over before he finds the aid of electricity providers can make their own the cause to the broader market.

Hao Hongfeng with tens of millions of funds went to Sichuan, to establish cooperative relations with a number of wineries, but money does not go out". For large wineries, tens of millions of small orders, while the intent of some agents also take the low.

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