How to use 15 days to get more than 80 thousand target customers

recently this half a month lazy lot at the end of the right to write summary, eat dinner together, occasionally to dig ponds, fishing, the fish do not explain, you know. The harvest is not great, but also quite satisfied, from someone else’s pool "steal" more than 80 thousand fish, regardless of the final can not to bowl, anyway, fish is a part of the escape, it does not matter, anyway, free fishing. For I can not afford to eat, so very good mentality, self comfort ability is powerful, is now thought to eat fish, began to lead to his ponds fattened into the bowl to come tomorrow.

world is really what people have, there are good people and have strong ability of scumbag, also has the ability of weak, Yuedalei after work to eat a meal, originally wanted to play in front of him Niubi, did not expect him directly to the sentence: this month we made a profit of 180 thousand, I instantly stone. The big two people to do a product, each person has 90 thousand points down, I suddenly found that the head is not enough, he is directly dumped sixteen street. It is almost no cost, I think a lot of what he said, do the same with the big name, deafening. In fact, his play is more simple, even the site is not, we also need to engage in a website, there are forums at the beginning, but now the forum cut off. I half a month to find the more than 80 thousand target customers think very Niubi, did not think he Ya looking for nearly 200 thousand, and every day with 4 Marketing QQ automatic import, plus the original customer (mainly is not completed, the basic transactions will lead to WeChat and QQ for maintenance, two shop marketing mat,) him one day a week is enough for me to do, I felt good in the world. In addition to the use of marketing to import QQ, every day to push email, the purpose is to make more rapid introduction of their fish ponds, but if a large number of mail delivery needs a little money, no pre funds do not play, manual hair, what NetEase mail, Sina mail, QQ mail, registered some used to send. When you make a pot of gold and consider capital operation.

actually I do these things, many people look down on, I began to despise, and even disdain, but I do not know the power is so big, I probably started from March last year to play these very inconspicuous in the eyes of others. Until now, the effect is good, grass root! Requirements are not very high, if I were rich handsome don’t need to do every day to play, but it doesn’t matter, a murky sky over a dark earth, but think about this even, occasionally fantasy can’t be hard for.

in fact I mentioned I play with my big thunder, he is not much difference between, not to mention the tall, it is different to their own work, I was doing to the company, or at least now, two months after their play. So his income is several times higher than me, don’t know what he is not drunk don’t care which one of them said: Lao Tzu grass root, which is a good method for the tall, I make money, I will go on with the hard, I have fun, others can not seal the mouth mouth, don’t let in fact, people say? How do I think is the same thing, how cool.

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