Golden Wangzhuan to create a good soft Wen to pay attention to the points

The soft

is always a very important link in the promotion, a lot of friends and to find the soft power, the so-called soft Wen is a "soft" word, most of the webmaster understanding is soft. This is not contained, a soft, soft real hidden, overcomes in like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, invisibly. When you do not know not perception has fallen into the trap. Many large enterprises have special soft and writing departments, enterprises have paid so much attention to the role of the soft, personal webmaster how can not to notice? Today golden Wangzhuan share several points to produce high quality, high popularity, should pay attention to some of the places you want to help a friend.

first, Title

has such a law in the soft, and the title is 99% of the success of the article, this is not to say that no title, but developed in the information network society, the reader is not too much time to pay attention to the content usually see article just because he would go to attract headlines read, so the key to success is to write soft text title often see some "title party" is to use this technique to attract people. Usually in order to attract people to set up with a number of controversial topics, gossip, negative views to arouse the reader’s evaluation, which is actually a feature of the soft.

second, soft Wen to have readability

in this huge amount of information society, soft wenyiding to write relatively vivid, let a person look interested, the article contains some valuable ideas or information, only write to help, would like to see things and after looking can remember that in order to achieve the good publicity, set up take the initiative to help you to reprint.

third, the use of celebrity

in the Internet age if the celebrity is the most popular, celebrity, celebrity life is the focus of countless people, so it can be appropriate to quote some celebrity views or celebrity words to increase the persuasiveness in our in the process of writing, this is just like most people because of Ma Yuncai he knew behind the success of the Alibaba.

fourth, find a good entry point

The key is to soft

will need to advertise in the right place, the product brand, service people in the article, which should be a good starting point, good point can make it look very natural, the article "soft" acme. Like the martial arts film in the highest realm of the sword is the heart of the sword, the highest state of the soft is to let people see not only feel some goods and not aware of what really sell.

fifth, practical

people love the Internet, although a lot of entertainment, gossip articles, news, but for some very practical, can help their own articles are also very like. Practical articles to allow readers to collect carefully read the product, such as an article of "the ten benefits of drinking water" about the benefits of water for our daily lives, it is very practical that everyone should

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