Google AdWords fuzzy mobile desktop boundaries the end of the desktop era

[introduction] for Google, the future is now. This move, the company may become the most important strategic action.



AdWords (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Zhang He) February 11th Beijing time news, technology news website TechCrunch guest writer, digital marketing agency and software provider BlueGlass Interactive CEO Richard · (Richard Zwicky); Zwicky recently wrote that the Gu Gexin version of the AdWords mobile and desktop advertising fuzzy boundaries, indicating that the company has acknowledged the end of the desktop era the.

below is an overview of the article:

on Wednesday, Google Corporation announced the launch of AdWords’s new policy, requiring all advertisers to buy desktop advertising must buy tablet advertising.

does this statement mean that Google has recognized the end of the desktop era

in the early development of the AdWords period, advertisers put ads on the site, the target audience are all sitting in the computer table next to the user. No one cares about mobile phones, tablet computers at that time did not become the mainstream, even the laptop is the same as the desktop, must be connected to a fixed cable in order to access the internet.

over the past ten years, the growing number of devices and interfaces, AdWords has been trying to evolve to follow the trend, adding new features, marketing managers to provide more options and marketing.


problem is, like all misguided IT project, AdWords has complex to control. For the vast majority of IT developers, when the user asks "can increase the new function?" when the problem, they will answer "yes, but…" and Google is different, no matter what the function of customer requirements increase, it will always meet the requirements. AdWords has evolved to be an exciting developer version of Frankenstein, in order to meet the needs of all customers.

but on Wednesday, Google finally solved this long-standing problem. The AdWords platform can not continue to expand to infinite increasing of device types and options, so Google chose to cut the Gordian knot, all options will simplify to called "upgrade marketing" marketing management of the new interface.

look at the world, only a handful of companies like Google can understand the future. In the long run, Google upgraded version of the program, the launch of the company may predict the future, that is, the decline in desktop search in the future will become more apparent trend.

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