Video site copyright liquidation storm

"burn" continues, advertising growth still faces pressure is dafanshenzhang anxious period, but also suffered a series of action video website copyright crisis, this "winter" is indeed very difficult.

has two events to deepen the copyright crisis. January 5th news said that the main video site Youku and Tudou has been stopped, including Japan, South Korea, including some overseas users visit. In the Chinese video website, the lack of copyright drama, especially popular drama and drama become fashionable for a time, although they are on behalf of the user to upload works, but still by many TV stations and TV producers are accused of. The idea that the shield, Japan and South Korea, the user is mainly in order to avoid piracy day, drama litigation risk.

in this regard, said yesterday, because the program authorized area is limited, so do have different levels of access to closed, but the user is estimated to be less than 1%; while denied shielding Japanese and Korean users, will be referred to as "groundless statement".

, however, there are still loopholes in the copyright protection of video content, which is a video site can not be avoided. In fact, from the beginning of the second half of last year, the video sites have to television and television producers have begun to launch genuine and pirated works, draw a line for advertising with a genuine open and aboveboard, but now it seems to change a little bit late.

is also the news yesterday, the domestic Internet genuine video publishers excited net joint Beijing PolyBona, Beijing orange dayentertainment nearly 80 copyright owners set up a joint anti piracy alliance". The alliance said it would launch an annual settlement, Tudou and other video sharing sites to prosecute.

According to the

excited net relevant person in charge of the Alliance launched by the company, for the past year, discovered video content of excited net obtains the exclusive copyright of the video content page recommended in It is understood that, in 2008, the excitement of the network has been indicted on the potato network, but the two sides finally reached a settlement.

next, we will sue a large number of infringing content on the Internet, which will involve the vast majority of the site’s film and television works." Yesterday, the relevant person in charge told reporters. While the official responded to reporters, the company has not yet received written notice of excited net, "we have reached a clause containing confidential lawsuit reconciliation, why do they still threatened this lawsuit, puzzling". In addition, Tudou also claimed that the company has invested in copyright protection as much manpower, received nearly 30000 copies of copyright notice every month, in line with the conditions and we have to delete the work of the 24000".

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