Exclusive Fair negotiate nearly 200 million financing 58 to seek acquisitions

[Abstract] according to the report, the 58 city was also proposed to go to the market of convertible merger, the ratio is 3:7, 4:6, or even 5:5.


Tencent technology Jianping, April 13th, reported

O2O of the capital market is becoming fierce battle. In the United States, the public comments have been huge financing, Tencent technology today exclusively learned local life market website is in talks with a number of investment institutions, seeking a new round of financing, the amount of nearly $200 million.

according to a number of senior investment industry of Tencent technology market broke, Huaxing capital has hired as a financial adviser, go to the market and the parties negotiate has continued for a period of time.

The current

technology, the Tencent attempts to contact Yang Haoyong (micro-blog), CEO to the other has refused to answer questions.

and VC market stalemate: unable to agree on the valuation of

is similar to the 58 city, and the scale is similar to that of the local life market website, originally in 2012 will have the opportunity to market, but eventually because of company president Yang Haoran and his ex-wife Wang Hongyan property in suspense and other factors, resulting in failure of sprint IPO.

58 city is the first step in the United States listed, but also to obtain $736 million stake in Tencent. This year, 58 city Chushoubufan, have acquired a driving test platform, driving the real estate information platform anjuke and decoration company O2O tuba rabbit.

2014, the fair zaiduofali. In August last year, Yang Haoyong also announced that it will start the IPO program around June 2015.


IPO is approaching fair start date. A senior fund industry broke the news that the market in the market to prepare for the next. Go to the market in 2015 revenue shot quickly, may be expected to be flat with the 58 city this year.

VC PE, many market optimistic about the reason is that we want to grab the market before the listing for, in order to IPO after a cup of soup.

, a fund industry of science and technology Tencent claimed that the current various differences, go to the market and investors expected valuation is 21 to 2 billion 200 million dollars, but with the agency to enter the market, a company valuation price to 25 to $2 billion 600 million.

VC PE, let the market valuation raise concern, the reason is that the market valuation of the 58 city for reference, once the market after IPO 58 city market capitalization fell, the market value may decline.

if you go to the market value decline, may result in the price, in advance to enter the market, want to share, and then wait for the lifting of the ban period fast cash to leave VC, PE greatly reduced income, or even losses, the deal became uneconomical.


market is not short of money because of confidence. Go to the market in August 2014 from the Tiger Fund and Carlyle capital.

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